Peter M. Horbach
23 October 2019

This blog illustrates the history and development of the IT from the first ideas and machines in the 19th century to modern times. Nowadays we talk about IT. Information Technology is the right term to describe the abundance [...]

Peter M. Horbach
24 September 2019

This blog entry picks up the topic Kafka again to give a more detailed technical insight. Apache Kafka has become one of the most important platforms for highly scalable systems and processing large data volumes in [...]

Peter M. Horbach
06. August 2019

The age of data processing began when IBM introduced the mainframe in 1964. Data was captured, stored, analyzed, and became invaluable for companies. The mainframe was the central data space. With the launch of [...]

Peter M. Horbach
17. Juni 2019

Mainframe data integration has become more important in the last years. Companies are looking for new ways to move mainframe workloads to cost-effective platforms, modernize mainframe applications, and create new possibilities to execute real-time analyses with complex data. Cloud technologies have come into the focus [...]

Peter M. Horbach
13. Mai 2019

Confluent with headquarters in Palo Alto, California, was established by the developers of the Open Source Solution Apache Kafka. The company offers a leading event streaming platform, which enables companies to easily access their data in the form of real-time streams and therefore maximize the value of their data. Every byte has a story [...]

Peter M. Horbach
29. April 2019

Over the last decade B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH has become one of the leading companies for data synchronization, data exchange, data transformation, and mainframe direct access. Clients from different industries all over the world use our tcVISION solution. Not only clients with a mainframe as core of their IT operations [...]

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