The User Symposium was held in Munich from June 6 to 7, 2016. Like in all other past symposiums, B.O.S. and the users actively participated in the event. Interesting presentations and user experiences together with presentations about new versions of tcACCESS and tcVISION, the current challenges IT is facing like BigData, Cloud or databases were the highlights of the successful symposium.

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The last meeting of B.O.S. customers was held in Munich on June 6 and 7. The meeting place was at the RAMADA Hotel & Conference Center Messe Munich. Like the past symposiums the highlights were presentations given by customers, the introduction to the current and new versions of tcACCESS (Version 9 and 10) and tcVISION (Version 6 and 7). Another important point of the agenda was the introduction to new technologies like  BigData, Analytics, Cloud Computing, In-Memory and In-Storage-Technologies, and NoSQL Databases.

Mr. Wolfgang Beikircher, Raiffeisen, Raiffeisenverband Südtirol talked about the implementation of tcVISION in a banking environment. His presentation was titled: "DIRECT INTEGRATION OF A MAINFRAME DATABASE INTO A HETEROGENEOUS SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT". Mr. Beikircher showed in detail how tcVISION has been implemented into a complex z/OS environment. tcVISION captures changes applied to Db2 databases in near real-time and replicates these changes into Oracle. The second implementation of tcVISION are regular bulk loads of Db2 to Oracle using the Oracle Loader format and component.

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Lothar Stein, BRUNATA Metrona, Hürth, presented the versatile applications of the B.O.S. products tcACCESS, tcEXPRESS, and tcVISION. BRUNATA Metrona has been a B.O.S. customer since 2001 (tcACCESS) and has been using tcVISION since 2007. tcVISION was purchased for the real-time replication of DLI to Db2. In addition, tcVISION is used in many other areas where data must be intelligently transferred between platforms (z/VSE, Windows, UNIX, Linux on z). Lothar Stein pointed out that all the data transfers are extremely safe and secure, and that every data transfer can be audited because of the flexibility offered by the tcVISION REXX script language.

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The current versions of tcACCESS and tcVISION have been presented in detail.
Of special interest for the attendees were the presentations about the positioning of B.O.S. and the integration of tcACCESS and tcVISION in the areas of BigData, Hadoop, NoSQL Databases (e.g.MongoDB) and In-Memory or In-Storage Technologies.
B.O.S. also presented a new product which will be officially announced in the near future.
All participants of the symposium agreed that B.O.S. should continue to conduct regular User Symposiums in the future.

A special Thanks to all attendees and to Mr Beikircher and Mr Stein for their presentations.

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