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tcVISION and Db2

tcVISION provides full support for Db2 databases, both as a source and as a target, on the mainframe as well as Linux/UNIX/Windows. There are several methods for the capturing and processing of change data. These processing methods can be adjusted to the customer's requirements in a flexible way. They can be quickly implemented into a production environment.

These methods are:

  • Capturing the change data in real-time
  • Processing of Db2 logs
  • Detect data changes using an intelligent batch compare process
  • Bulk transfer of entire tables

The detected changes are propagated to the target system directly or are provided to it in the desired format. Due to a modular design, the data transfer process can be distributed across several platforms for optimal workload balancing. There are additional tools to adjust the data for the target system using the customer's logic during the transfer.


Special Features

  • Capture of change data for selected Db2 tables
  • Transaction oriented processing on LUW basis
  • Automatic detection of Db2 maintenance functions (ALTER/CREATE/DROP TABLE)
  • History keeping and assignment of change data to table structures
  • Integration of Db2 tables with other resources (mainframe or open systems) during the data transfer (Lookups/Joins)
  • Integrated methods for bidirectional synchronizations
  • Db2 can be accessed using either DRDA or direct access
  • Optional usage of the Db2 loader to load mass data into Db2 (Mainframe, Linux, Linux on system z, UNIX and Windows)

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