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tcVISION and Adabas

Adabas can be a source as well as a target in a replication or synchronization solution


Features for Adabas on z Systems and Adabas LUW as a Data Source

  • Various change data capture agents to capture the change data information for ONLINE and BATCH processes
  • Real-time Change Data Capture
  • Transaction safe processing based on Logical Unit of Work
  • Integrated "Loop-Prevention" for bidirectional synchronizations
  • Conflict detection to ensure data integrity in an active to active synchronization
  • Automatic elicit of structure information / metadata from Adabas Predict and NATURAL
  • Adabas mutlitple fields and periodic groups are supported.
  • Redefines are supported.
  • Integration of Adabas data with other DBMS and file systems to transform data for the apply to target systems (lookups and joins)
  • Direct apply of changes to target systems without intermediate file (e.g. Adabas LUW, Oracle, Db2 LUW, SQL Server, Db2, IMS, VSAM, etc.) using integrated apply options that depend on the data target (direct API or loader formats)


Features for Adabas as target

Adabas on System z:
No programming effort is necessary to apply changes from another Adabas data source or any arbitrary other data source like e.g. VSAM, Db2, etc.

tcVISION allows applying directly to the target system via API or for batch processes using database specific loader.

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