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tcVISION fully supports CA-IDMS as a data source as well as a data target and is the appropriate tool to capture and propagate changes to CA-IDMS databases. There are several methods for the capturing and processing of change data. These processing methods can be flexibly adjusted to the customer's requirements and can be quickly implemented into a production environment.


These methods are:

  • Detection of change data in real-time
  • Processing of CA-IDMS journal files
  • Intelligent batch compare of different database snapshots
  • BULK transfer of entire CA-IDMS databases


The detected change data can either be applied to the target system directly or be forwarded in any desired format. Due to modular design the transfer process can be spread over various platforms for optimal workload balancing. During the data transfer process user logic can also adjust the data for the target system.


Special Features

  • Capture of change data for real-time as well as for batch
  • Processing of CA-IDMS journal files
  • Transaction based processing based on LUW
  • Integrated methods for bidirectional synchronizations
  • Automatically elicit metadata, database and network structures from SCHEMA definitions
  • Supports logical and physical record connections
  • Supports different record types and record structures
  • Processing of "virtual tables" which base on OCCURS and OCCURS DEPENDING ON
  • Integration of CA-IDMS data with other resources (mainframe or open systems) during the data transfer

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