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B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH

As a leading software provider for IBM mainframe integration we are counting on innovation, competence and sustainability. Our goal is a new definition of IBM mainframe integration. Limitation is a challenge that we overcome. We create new ways for our customers with unique technologies. We love the extraordinary including extraordinary requirements of our customers. Our claims are high. High availability, performance and readiness for future technologies are our daily business. We create advanced software solutions for the future. Over 1,000 companies of all kinds of industries are our customers.
Specialization: Our focus on solving complex tasks requires a solid knowhow and expertise. We have successfully developed and marketed software solutions for enterprises of all industries for more than 20 years.

The Team: Outstanding solutions require exceptional people, hence we appreciate individuals with scientific curiosity and team spirit. Research is passion - this fully applies to our development team. Freedom for creativity and self-dependent action as part of the team create the right platform to develop ambitious software solutions on the highest possible technical level.

Our Independence as a company guarantees a maximum of flexibility and decision-making authority, because we are only obliged to our customers. We decide our strategies and growth rhythm. Our customers confirm that this is the right way to go. We are proud to say that we are one of the most recommended suppliers of integration solutions for IBM mainframes.

Partnerships are the base of a worldwide support network. Languages and time zones are no limitation. Wherever our solutions are being used, they work. We rely on our own strength to grow. We will continue to expand our international partner network and further strengthen our market leadership.

To be on the Upswing: The innovative capabilities of our team are unlimited. Our countless visions and ideas are just waiting to be realized. Constant mutual communication with our customers gives us the necessary input to work on solutions for companies with vision and future demand. Experience our competence and enthusiasm – build your future with us.

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